About Us

Unique Dating Agency has been set up to provide a platform for professional men and women in Northern Ireland offering them a peace of mind dating service which will bring rewards.

Founder Eamon McAuley has come up with a perfect dating model which takes the hard work out of dating by making it relevant and fashionable again.

For years dating has become a time consuming and unrewarding process for several reasons and can often leave people feeling uneasy about meeting a total stranger.

Unique Dating Agency knocks that on the head by making sure that every date we arrange is one based entirely on your criteria. We also do our utmost to eliminate any feelings of uneasiness by establishing if someone is genuine. We want our members to feel safe while dating.

At Unique Dating Agency we understand the real-life issues with dating and we understand how important it is to get it right.

So let us help you. You simply register with us online and then we arrange to meet you to discuss membership.

Your registration allows us to find out what qualities and characteristics your ideal partner should have. Once you become a member we can get to work to find your perfect match. It really is that simple. Your membership enables us to match you up with three dates which must take place within six months of your membership commencement date.

No matter what your sexual orientation is we will make sure our service reaps you the rewards you deserve.